Leather Lamellar Scales – Set of 50 – Brown


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The Brown Leather Lamellar Scales come in a set of 50 and are perfect for all your DIY leather armour needs. Use these leather armour pieces to craft your own Viking armour. Or use them to modify existing historical scale armour!

Armour Details:

The lamellar scales are each made of thick 13 ounce leather. They have a narrow, rectangular structure. They widen at the center and then taper more narrow at the sides. Each of the 50 scales has four pairs of holes, with one pair per side.

How to Use Armour Scales:

The sets of holes come in handy for different ways to lace the scales together. Use our leather laces to connect the pieces to each other. You can thus use these lamellar scales to create your own completely unique fantasy, medieval, or Viking armour.

Or you can use them to make modifications or repairs to existing lamellar armour, like our

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