Late Medieval Scandinavian Cape


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The late Middle Ages saw the Vikings, seafaring explorers, begin to settle down in Scandinavia, and with this new lifestyle came new clothing. One such piece of clothing has been replicated in the Late Medieval Scandinavian Cape. This short, wool blend cloak hangs loosely over the body, preventing the form from appearing clunky. Along its rounded hem is an ornate, semi-circular golden trim, and at its top is a hood for keeping the head protected from chilly winds. The cape ties together in the front with a pair of ribbons, but it also features two loops for the placement of a brooch. The Late Medieval Scandinavian Cape comes in red, green, blue, and brown and is made of a heavy woolen material, which makes it the perfect item for keeping your warm at the Renaissance fair or other medieval reenactment.

Key Features:

  • Based on European clothing from the late Middle Ages
  • Includes a hood to keep the head covered in cold weather
  • Can be held together via ribbons or a brooch
  • Short form does not drag or hinder leg movement
  • Features a beautiful golden trim
  • Heavy woolen material allows for the retention of body heat
  • Comes in red, green, blue, and brown
  • Perfect for Renaissance fairs and other medieval reenactments


  • Made of 74% wool, 15% polyester, 7% polyamides, and 4% miscellaneous natural fibers
Overall LengthHood HeightHood Depth
One Size33.25 inches15 inches26.5 inches


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