Komir LARP Longsword


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Magic is perhaps the most daunting weapon, but even a master mage needs a trusty blade, should they find themselves in a pickle with their energy drained. The Komir LARP Longsword makes the perfect defense for any snookered sorcerer. This fantasy LARP weapon is made from a specially designed latex-free foam that has been injection-molded to a fiberglass core, ensuring extreme durability and flexibility while still remaining safe for LARPing or theater. This sword features an ornate wasp-waisted blade with an exaggerated concavity at its center. Its elegant, gold-colored handle features downward curving quillons and a leather wrap for easy gripping. The Komir LARP Longsword is the perfect weapon for any fantasy warrior, be they wizard, elf, or human adventurer.

Please note, this item is made through injection molding, therefore there is a small hole in the blade. This is not a defect. It is a sign of its construction.

Key Features:

  • Safe for use in LARPing events
  • Weapon is realistic and highly detailed
  • Specialty foam offers extreme durability
  • Fiberglass core promotes flexibility
  • Leather-wrapped handle allows for easy gripping
  • Latex-free design


  • Made from a specialty foam
  • Core made of fiberglass


  • Overall Length: 41 Inches
  • Blade Length: 30.7 Inches
  • Crossguard Width: 10.2 Inches
  • Blade Width: 2.95 Inches

Measurements are approximate.


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