Kinryu Katana 1


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Take the ferocity, cunning, and strength of the mighty dragon into your combat style. Wield the Kinryu Katana 1 in battle. This functional, limited-edition katana features a blade of folded T10 and 9260 high carbon steel. This mix of steels gives a visible design in the temper-line, or hamon, of the blade.

The blade has a curved shape, typical of Japanese swords. Near the bottom half of the blade, there is a dragon motif engraved onto the blade. An engraved blade design like this is called horimono.

The samurai sword continues with a brass blade collar before the black crossguard, or tsuba. On one side, it depicts a dragon with golden eyes. On the other side, it has a floral design, also with golden details.

Next, the sword has a traditionally wrapped grip. Brown silk wraps around real ray skin, or same, dyed black. The grip has a golden flower handle accent, or menuki. At the pommel, there is a golden design, matching a detail from the tsuba.

Finally, this samurai katana comes with a dark gold scabbard. It has black buffalo horn fittings. There is also a black, lacquered rattan wrap at the throat of the scabbard. A brown and blue wrapping adorns the throat as well.

You can use this sword in combat or include it in any quality sword collection. This collectors piece will surely steal some attention with its striking design. It makes a perfect centerpiece in any display. Of course, when you are not taking it into battle, put it on a display stand or keep it sharp with some sword maintenance supplies.

Key Features:

  • Fully functional
  • Limited edition design
  • Features a dragon horimono
  • Comes with a scabbard
  • Great for battles and collections


  • Blade is mix of T10 and 9260 high-carbon steel
  • Blade collar is brass
  • Handle wrapping is silk and ray skin
  • Scabbard has rattan wrapping and buffalo horn fittings
Overall LengthBlade LengthHandle LengthBlade ThicknessEdge HardnessBack HardnessWeightSori (Blade Curvature)
One Sizeinches27.75 inches11.25 inches0.18-0.26 inches60 HRC60 HRC2 pounds 10 ounces0.9 inches


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