Jeweled Thor’s Hammer Necklace


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As volatile as the Norse god of storms could be, Thor was still seen as a guardian of mortals. As such, his hammer was, and still is, worn as a protective charm, and in this Jeweled Thors Hammer Necklace, it is quite the appealing little accent, too. This appealing charm recreates the classic design of Thors iconic hammer, featuring the hammer shape adorned with twisting Celtic knots that only enhance its appeal. Even more striking, though, are the Swarovski crystal elements on the pendant. A single purple one rests at the tip of the haft, while three more adorn the hammer head, two in light blue and one in a darker hue. The pendant is, otherwise, crafted entirely in fine, lead-free pewter metal, and it comes complete with a fine metal chain and a jewelry box for easy storage. The Jeweled Thors Hammer Necklace is an absolutely stunning accessory, one that binds the protective potential of an old-world Viking talisman to the appeal of modern jewelry, creating a new little trinket that can confer personal and spiritual protection, as well as great personal style, too.

Key Features:

  • Crafted in Fine Lead Free Pewter Metal
  • Inspired by the Iconic Hammer of Thor Charm
  • Pendant Features Celtic Knot Designs and Swarovski Crystal Accents
  • Possesses an Impressive Level of Detailing
  • Comes with a Chain Necklace and a Jewelry Box


  • Pendant Length: 1.75 Inches
  • Pendant Width: 1.25 Inches
  • Chain Length: 22 Inches


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