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You are bound to pick up a lot of cool things when you hit the local ren faire, and you are certain to need a few amenities too. Make carrying it all easy by adding this Imperial Leather Bag to your costume, for that extra storage capacity. This impressive belt bag is crafted entirely in quality leather and features a distinctive design that fits easily onto your belt, while also having plenty of space to store away all those little niceties that you might want to pack along for your trip to the faire. It is a stiff leather container, offered in either black or brown coloration, as well as with two belt loops on the back, which will accommodate 2-inch wide belts. It also features a ring on the back, which can be used to hang the bag a bit more freely. It closes via a leather strap set with a single metal-knob accent for quick and easy opening. All in all, an Imperial Leather Bag is a handy little accent to have, one that makes it infinitely easier to carry around your things, whether you are using it for modern amenities at a faire or carrying your tools and trinkets to go along with your ideal costume or look.

Key Features:

  • Closed with a Leather Strap and Bulb Fastener
  • Looks Great with Period Outfits
  • Perfect for Carrying A Wide Array of Items
  • Fits Conveniently on your Belt


  • Made of vegetable-tanned, full-grain leather
  • Straps fashioned from top-grain leather
  • Fittings made from brass

Height Width Depth
One Size 3 inches 6.25 inches 2.5 inches


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