Honshu Gladiator Sword With Sheath

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The Roman gladiator was a fearsome warrior of its time. Become a fearsome warrior yourself with the Honshu Gladiator Sword With Sheath. Made from 7Cr13 stainless steel, this sword is functional due to its high chromium content in combination with its carbon content. It has a double-edged blade with slightly concave sides. A thin fuller runs down the center of the blade for most of its length. At the base of the blade, there is a recessed section instead of the fuller. There are four cutout circles in the recessed section.

The Roman sword continues with a thermo-plastic rubber handle. Part of the handle is wider than the blade to form a crossguard. Meanwhile, the rest of the black handle has texturing to make the grip easier to grasp. The end of the hilt fans out into a fan-shaped pommel. Finally, the Honshu Gladiator Sword With Sheath comes with a black leather belt sheath. It secures the sword with a snap closure. This modern, updated version of a Roman gladius is ideal for a variety of tactical uses.

Key Features:

  • Fully functional
  • Has a double-edged blade
  • Textured handle for better grip
  • Based on a Roman gladius
  • Comes with a sheath
  • Great for tactical uses


  • Blade is 7Cr13 steel
  • Grip is thermo-plastic rubber
  • Sheath is leather
Overall LengthBlade Length
One Size25 inches18.3 inches


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