United Cutlery Swords

For over twenty years, United Cutlery has been a manufacturer and provider of top-quality movie replica props and fantasy swords to the market at large, and in those years of service, they have crafted a reputation based on their accuracy and style that makes them some of the most unique and beautiful decorative weapons today. We are proud to offer you a number of incredible United Cutlery weapons, many of which are among the most celebrated items offered by this distinguished manufacturer. We have a number of United Cutlery products that are designed and modeled directly after items from well-known and well-liked films, including replica weapons from GI Joe and Lord of the Rings, as well as several swords from the famous series, Highlander. And if replica movie prop weapons do not get you excited, then perhaps our United Cutlery fantasy swords will; crafted by masters Gil Hibben and Kit Rae, these fantasy swords are nothing short of breathtakingly spectacular. At United Cutlery, we have the edge you need reads the United Cutlery slogan, and if you are looking for a beautiful replica movie prop or an unparalleled fantasy sword, then their slogan might just be true as well.


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