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Nothing exemplifies baroque style better than this High Collared Victorian Shirt. This Victorian-styled shirt is handmade from batiste fabric and features a touch of esoteric style that elevates this shirt from fancy yet forgettable to eye-catching. Made from batiste, this shirt is extremely lightweight and breathable. It is also extremely soft, and therefore, extremely comfortable to wear. It comes in a few traditional colors that typically match to almost any style of medieval or renaissance dress. The shirt features a high collar that is decorated by a ruffled frill, which gives this shirt its unique, distinguished appearance. Laces on the front of the shirt also allow the collar to be fastened or tightened as necessary. The full-length sleeves are loose-fitting and even somewhat baggy, although they are gathered at the wrist in a narrow band. The fringes are left to flare out around the hand. When properly worn, the shirt falls between waist-length and hip-length. The High Collared Victorian Shirt is pictured here with a leather belt, which is not included. If being fashionable is not enough for your renaissance or medieval look, then consider adding a touch of baroque style. After all, it is hard to not notice something as intriguing as the High Collared Victorian Shirt.

Key Features:

  • Handmade from Quality Batiste Fabric
  • Intriguing Baroque Design
  • Great for Medieval-Themed Weddings, Renaissance Fairs, and Medieval Reenactments
  • Modeled after medieval and Renaissance era clothing


  • Small: 36 Inch Chest, 31 Inch Waist, 16 Inch Shoulder to Shoulder, 25 Sleeve Length
  • Medium: 38 Inch Chest, 34 Inch Waist, 18 Inch Shoulder to Shoulder, 25.5 Sleeve Length
  • Large: 41 Inch Chest, 37 Inch Waist, 19 Inch Shoulder to Shoulder, 25.5 Sleeve Length
  • X-Large: 44 Inch Chest, 40 Inch Waist, 20 Inch Shoulder to Shoulder, 26 Sleeve Length
  • XX-Large: 48 Inch Chest, 43 Inch Waist, 21 Inch Shoulder to Shoulder, 26 Sleeve Length
  • XXX-Large: 52 Inch Chest, 47 Inch Waist, 22 Inch Shoulder to Shoulder, 26.5 Sleeve Length


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