Hammer Head Dagger


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Daggers often serve as a secondary defense weapon for close combat, used most frequently to stab or thrust. The Hammer Head Dagger features a slightly extended pommel that reinforces the grip of your hand. This 15th century style dagger is a replica of a hammer head pommel dagger now held at the Royal Armouries, Leeds. The dagger features a tempered, high-carbon steel blade and a mild steel guard and pommel. The blade displays a traditional straight edge with a subtle profile taper. It comes with a handmade leather sheath. This dagger works great as a historical re-enactment weapon or display piece within your home!

Key Features:

  • Replica of a 15th century dagger housed at the Royal Armouries, Leeds
  • Includes a handmade leather sheath
  • Great re-enactment dagger or display piece
  • Made by GDFB


  • Features a tempered, high-carbon steel blade
  • Has a mild steel guard and pommel


  • Overall Length: 16.5 Inches


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