Milanese Greaves


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Made to protect the shin, these greaves are designed to be used with the upper thigh protection afforded by AB0064 and are a part of the Milanese Suit of Armour (AB0063). Produced in Italy throughout the 15th century, armour of this type incorporates large and smooth glancing surfaces in its construction, the theory being that these rounded surfaces would help to deflect an opponents weapon. The embossed ridges and fluting that typify armour of the Gothic style are generally absent in Milanese style armour, but that does not change the functionality of this high quality armour.

Made by GDFB.

Key Features:

  • Includes straps and buckles
  • Functional Greaves
  • Includes Front and Back Plate
  • Functional Armor


  • Made of 16 gauge steel


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