Gladiator Training Sword

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Practice swords have been used since ancient times. Gladiators trained with wooden swords and when a gladiator retired, he received a wooden sword or rod as a symbol of his freedom. This Gladiator Training Sword makes a great gift. Made from wood, this Roman style sword is well suited for light sparring and costuming. The leaf shaped gladius blade has a blunted tip for safety. The guard and pommel have decorative carved lines running perpendicular to the handle. The handle is shaped with bevels to create a comfortable grip. Perfect for Roman historians, reenactors, and weapons enthusiasts, the Gladiator Training Sword is a fantastic addition to any collection.

Please be aware that the wood construction can have differing wood tones then what is pictured above.

Key Features:

  • Roman style training sword
  • Makes a great display or costume weapon
  • Perfect for light sparring and theatrical productions
  • Lovely gift for historians and reenactors


  • Carved from wood


  • Overall Length: 28 Inches


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