Natural Wood Bokken Sword


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Bokken have been used for years in martial arts. They are highly efficient for training, given the ease of which a bokken can be replaced. This Natural Wood Bokken Sword is a sturdy, effective piece to use for training. Bokken is a Japanese term applying to any wooden sword of Japanese origin. Bokken actually means wood sword (boku means wood, ken means sword). This bokken features a well-wrapped handle to enable a secure grip, a feature not typically included in the average training bokken. Otherwise, this bokken is left simple and plain. With no decorations or distractions on the blade, this is a simple training tool, pure and simple. If you are going to be putting your bokken through the paces, the Natural Wood Bokken Sword is definitely the sort you want: sturdy, effective, and replaceable.

Key Features:

  • Sturdy Construction
  • Great for Training
  • Made from Wood


  • Overall Height: 39 Inches


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