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This impressive helmet is modeled after an actual artifact that was attributed to actual Viking use. Found in Gjermundbu, Norway, the design is recreated and slightly modified to create this wicked looking, Viking styled Gjermundbu Helmet. In many ways, this helmet utilizes a design similar to that of the Norman helm, although the Vikings took the design a few steps further to suit their own needs. This helmet features a rounded crown that has been reinforced with horizontal and transverse metal strips, as well as several rivets that secure the reinforcements in place. The top of the helmet is capped with a wicked looking spike. Instead of a typical nose guard, the helmet features a face guard that covers the eyes and the nose. Attached to the rim of the helmet is also a chainmail cowl, which acts as further protection for the neck, sides, and lower face. This helmet is made from 14 gauge steel, which makes it rather durable and strong. You can wear this helm any time you don your Viking garb, whether to just look authentic or to go off into battle, or you can simply display the Gjermundbu Helmet in the comfort and confines of your own home, where it will no doubt become an incredible and eye-catching centerpiece.

Key Features:

  • Patterned After a Historical Viking Helm
  • Features a Spike At the Apex of the Helm
  • Has a Distinctive Looking Spectacle Face Guard
  • Draped Chainmail Adds Further Protection to the Helm
  • A Great Accent to Germanic and Viking Styled Outfits
  • An Absolutely Amazing Display Item or Collectors Piece


  • Made from 14 Gauge Steel

Head CircumferenceOverall HeightRing Inner Diameter
One Size27 inches9.25 inches8 millimeters


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