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When the blood really needs to flow freely, make sure you have this Gallon of Blood handy. With a Gallon of Blood close at hand, you will have all the blood you need to create oozing wounds, zombie victims, the walking dead, and attack scenes. With this jug of blood, all you will need is a proper applicator, a few props, and a couple willing individuals to have everything you need to create your own scene of a zombie attack! The fake blood contained within the jug has a realistic look that flows and oozes just like real blood. This fake blood is also water washable, which makes it easy to put on and easy to take off. Be careful when applying it to clothing, as anything with color can possibly stain fabric. As its name suggests, this bottle contains one full gallon of fake blood. When it comes to a zombie attack, one of the few things that will be available in quantity is blood. And with the Gallon of Blood available and ready for use, you will have virtually all the blood you will need to create dozens of great looking outbreak survivors, zombie attackers, and even a couple realistic looking zombie attacks!

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Key Features:

  • A Large Jug of Fake Blood
  • Blood Looks and Flows Like the Real Thing
  • Perfect for Creating Injuries and Bloodstains
  • Fantastic for Creating Scenes of Attack
  • Safe for Use and Water Washable
  • Contains 1 Full Gallon of Fake Blood
  • Great Decoration for Zombie Survivors and the Walking Dead

Care Instructions:

  • CAUTION: Do not use theatrical blood in the mouth or near the eyes. If blood temporarily stains skin, DO NOT RUB. The stain will fade and then disappear with gentle washing. In addition, this product should NEVER come in contact with furniture, counter surfaces, carpet, rugs, upholstry or clothing. It can stain permanently. Use with extreme care. Not recommended for children under 14 years of age without attentive parental supervision.


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