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Costume make-up can be the fine line between a really nice costume and a ridiculously awesome costume. Why? Because with any costume, there is a certain point where adding details ceases to increase the costumes visual appeal. For example, in this modern age, a vampire can look like virtually anything so long as he or she has fangs. So how do you make an impressive modern-day vampire, if you cannot add anything to the costume? You add fake blood and you apply costume make-up to the skin, to create the appropriate pallor. And this is just one such example of costume make-up enhancing a costume in a small, but meaningful way. We carry several different sets of costume make-up, some of which are perfect for creating a dramatic and drastically different color-scheme that is perfect for any inhuman creature. We also feature costume make-up that is fantastic for making varying skin tones and wounds, ensuring that no matter your need, we offer a costume make-up kit that you can creatively apply to achieve your required result. And of course, it need not be said that we feature fake blood for all those vampires who need it.


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