Folke Wool Hood


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Sneaking around the castle, the Folke Wool Hood covers your face from the weather and guards alike. Will you catch your target without getting caught? Made from a wool blend, this peasant hood covers the shoulders and head with a rounded hood. The grey fantasy hood laces up in front with black cotton cord. It forms a V-shaped hem in the front and back.

In addition, the woolen material helps to add warmth to a medieval outfit, especially when layered with other woolen garments. This archers hood works for a wide variety of characters. The medieval head wear is also great for LARP battles, historical reenactments, Ren faires, and much more.

Key Features:

  • Adds warmth to an outfit
  • Laces up in front
  • Covers the head and shoulders
  • Features a rounded hood
  • Great for rogues, archers, and more


  • Made from wool blend of 70-percent wool, 20-percent polyester, and 10-percent viscose

Hood HeightFront LengthBack LengthSide LengthNeckline CircumferenceHem Circumference
One Size14.6 inches11 inches13.4 inches13.4 inches23.6 inches82.3 inches


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