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Presenting the Fiberglass LARP Weapon Core Rod, a must-have for crafting realistic and durable weapons for LARP and cosplay. Constructed from premium fiberglass, this rod provides the perfect blend of sturdiness and flexibility for all your favorite weapons.

Elevate Your Weapon-Crafting Experience

The Large Fiberglass LARP Weapon Core Rod, made from premium fiberglass, provides sturdiness and flexibility for one-handed and two-handed weapons. Ideal for cosplay and LARP, this cosplay weapon core ensures your weapons are realistic and durable. Pair this fiberglass weapon core with the DIY LARP Foam Mat #MAD0031 to create the ideal LARPing weapon.

Firstly, crafted from high-quality fiberglass, this core rod ensures exceptional strength and flexibility, making it the ideal choice for weapon crafting. Additionally, at approximately four feet in length, this lightweight core rod is suitable for a variety of weapon types, from swords to staffs. Whether you’re crafting a sleek rapier or a majestic polearm, this LARP weapon core offers the versatility you need.

Furthermore, built to endure the rigors of intense action, this fiberglass core rod boasts unparalleled durability. Its flexibility allows it to absorb impacts while maintaining structural integrity, ensuring your crafted weapons last longer and perform better.

Lastly, whether you’re gearing up for an epic LARP battle or creating an authentic cosplay prop, this cosplay core rod is your perfect companion. It meets the needs of enthusiasts who demand quality and realism in their crafted weapons.

Perfect For Your Next Masterpiece

This fiberglass rod is specifically engineered for crafting one to two-handed LARP weapons. As a result, it meets the exacting standards of passionate hobbyists. Moreover, this weapon rod’s compact and lightweight design makes it suitable for a wide range of weapon types, offering unmatched versatility. Thus, from nimble swords to imposing staffs, your creativity knows no bounds.

Furthermore, investing in this core rod ensures that your crafted weapons will withstand countless adventures, providing exceptional value for your investment. Whether you are new to LARP crafting or an experienced artisan seeking the optimal core for your next project, this fiberglass rod is the ideal solution.

Key Feature

  • Sturdy and Flexible Construction: This large rod is made from high-quality fiberglass, ensuring your weapons are robust, durable, and flexible for use in battle.
  • Versatile Size: This large rod is perfect for heavy great swords or other imposing LARP great weapons for the conquering knight.
  • Adaptable for Any Weapon: Fashion any one-handed or two-handed weapon using this rod, versatile enough to allow you to experiment and create with ease.
  • Ideal Addition to Your Arsenal: Enduring intense action by absorbing impacts and maintaining integrity over time, this medieval LARP core rod ensures consistent performance with repeated use.


  • Made of fiberglass


  • Length: 45.3 Inches
  • Diameter: 0.4 Inch

Measurements are approximate.


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