Welcome to MADcraft, where creativity knows no bounds. Whether you’re an experienced maker or just beginning your crafting journey, MADcraft has everything you need to bring your LARP dreams to life.

DIY Supply Packages

MADcraft offers a variety of DIY products for your creative needs. Craft LARP weapons and armor with premium materials. From Aluminum Armor Scales to Chainmail Rings, these supplies ensure professional-grade results for any project, whether it’s your first sword or latest project.

Custom LARP Crafting

Elevate your LARP adventures with MADcraft’s premium DIY supplies. These top-quality materials let you create custom, lightweight, and stylish armor pieces. Keep your LARP weapons battle-ready with Liquid Latex, available in various colors. Add intricate details to your gear using foam clay, and craft authentic chainmail armor with high-quality Chainmail Rings in different hues.

Flaunt Your Cosplay

Step into a world where every creation tells a story. MADcraft products are perfect for any medieval fantasy setting, from Renaissance fairs and cosplay conventions to immersive LARP battles. Create custom chainmail armor for LARP events or showcase your foam weapons at conventions. Whether you’re a seasoned LARPer or new to this world, these products offer you the chance to breathe life into your cosplay. From expertly designed gear to essential accessories, MADcraft will give you what you need to make every event unforgettable.


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