FGX Boot Blade II Boot Knife

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The FGX Boot Blade II Boot Knife is black as a moonless night, silent as the grave, and totally undetectable, thanks to its covert construction. Made of fiberglass-reinforced Griv-Ex, this self-defense blade is ready to protect. This high tech structure is UV and heat stabilized, making it impervious to the elements. This synthetic blade will not rust, warp, crack, or split even under extreme circumstances. The deeply checkered Kray-Ex handle is molded directly onto the tang of the blade, and its textured, contoured surface ensures a firm grip. Light enough to be tied, tucked, or taped just about anywhere on a person, this Griv-Ex boot knife can be hidden virtually anywhere.

Key Features:

  • Fully functional
  • A durable synthetic knife for self defense
  • Tactical design is both sturdy and discreet
  • Handle material directly molded onto blade tang
  • Easy to carry and hide for constant carrying and easy use


  • Blade made of Griv-Ex
  • Handle made of Kray-Ex


  • Weight: 1 oz.
  • Thick: 6.5mm
  • Blade: 3.75 Inches
  • Handle: 3.5 Inches
  • Overall: 6.75 Inches


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