Dungeons & Dragons Ranger Padded Collar


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Navigate through uncharted territories and delve into mysterious realms with the Dungeons & Dragons Ranger Padded Collar, the perfect blend of rugged durability and adventurous style.

Traverse the Wilds with Confidence

This Ranger collar is not just an accessory for the vigilant guardian of nature, it is a rugged and stylish piece of the Ranger’s essence. Complete with padding, front laces, bordered trim, and a comfortable fit, this medieval fantasy neckpiece is the perfect companion for the keen Ranger.

Starting with the comfortable material, this padded collar is constructed with pure cotton and padded with polyester, promising durability without sacrificing comfort. In addition, the front laces make it easy to adjust for a perfect fit. Along with thick bordered edges, this comfortable padded gorget also ends in a point on the torso, bringing the Ranger aesthetic to life.

Furthermore, designed with quilted stitching throughout the padding, this Ranger collar evokes the unique adventurous look of nature’s pathfinder. Moreover, style this fantasy archer collar in one of two classic colors: Brown, for an earthy look, or Black, for a mysterious aura.

This Ranger gorget is not just for D&D fans however, it can be styled with other classes and outfits, making it a versatile addition to any adventurer’s ensemble. Finally, the thick bordered edge adds depth and texture to this medieval fantasy collar, mirroring the keen and cunning Ranger embarking on dangerous quests.

Adaptable for All Quests

This unique padded mantle not only captures the rugged essence of the Ranger, it also provides the practicality and comfort needed for your next quest. Additionally, whether worn over tunics or beneath sturdy armor, this medieval fantasy collar guarantees an impeccable fit.

Furthermore, infusing your outfits with the essence of adventure, this Dungeons & Dragons Ranger collar symbolizes the courage to defend the natural balance. Wear this medieval collar proudly during your next quest, boasting it with an authentic Ranger costume or as another D&D class. Moreover, wear this padded gorget under a steel gorget to not only add protection but comfort to your steel armor.

In conclusion, each seam and stitch of this arming wear tells the story of countless quests completed and battles won, resonating with your character’s journey.

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Key Features

  • Comfortable and Durable: This collar stands up to rigorous conditions with remarkable durability thanks to a strong blend of cotton and polyester.
  • Padded Design: Cushioned with polyester, this medieval archer collar ensures ample protection for your character.
  • Classic Color Choices: Choose between Brown or Black to bring your costume to life.
  • Adjustable Laces: Adjust the laces in the front to achieve a snug fit.
  • Flexible Styling Options: Achieve a rugged look by pairing this Ranger costume piece with a variety of outfits.
  • Classic Ranger Look: Featuring aesthetic quilted patterns and thick bordered edges, this medieval padded collar will bring out an authentic look for your character concepts.


  • Collar made of cotton
  • Padding made of polyester

Care Instructions:

  • Handwashing this item is recommended. Do not dry in the dryer. Do not bleach. Item may be ironed on a low setting.
This size chart is based on suggested body size, not the measurements of the actual garment.
Chest Circumference
Small/Medium36.5-41.25 inches
Large/X-Large43-47.75 inches
XX-Large/XXX-Large49.25-54 inches


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