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In the realm of fantasy, where every adventure requires a skilled warrior, the Dungeons & Dragons Fighter Tunic stands out as the quintessential garb for champions.

The Call to Adventure

Whether you’re embodying a gallant knight, a daring ranger, or any character in-between, this tunic serves as the foundation upon which you can build your most ambitious concepts. Aimed at cosplayers, wandering warriors, festival enthusiasts, or someone who wants to expand their wardrobe, the Dungeons and Dragons Fighter Tunic is designed to make you feel like the hero of your story. Conversely, the Fighter Tunic promises durability without compromising on comfort.

Craftsmanship That Commands Attention

Tailored for the brave at heart and the bold in spirit, this doublet is not just attire—it’s a call to adventure. Additionally, the standup collar exudes authority and prowess, setting the tone for added style and a noble bearing.

Next, the quilted short sleeves are removable and provide convenience for wearing under any armor. Or wear this vest on its own to flaunt a more relaxed portrayal of strength. Even more, this medieval fantasy tunic offers knee-length coverage, blending comfort with an authentic medieval look.

In order to truly capture the Fighter spirit, this warrior hauberk has slits on the front, back, and sides to allow for increased mobility. The breathable cotton fabric ensures you remain cool and collected, whether you’re attending a sun-drenched festival or exploring dense, mythical forests. Whether you’re navigating the perilous dungeons or battling fierce dragons, do it in style and comfort.

Two unique color options are available: Bordeaux with Black for a sense of mystique in the heat of battle, or Hemp with Brown for a classic, earthy look exploring the outdoors. To clarify, the first color is the main color and the second color is the trim.

Style for Every Class

This medieval jerkin not only suits role-playing but also fits into many costume ideas, serving as a canvas for your legendary outfit. To include a few examples, portray your character as a daring Barbarian, a noble knight, or a cunning Ranger. Personalize your medieval doublet by adding your own patches, pins, or other accessories.

Step into a world of endless possibilities for your character idea. Your unique look will be a statement to your adventuring experience. By offering a wider opening at the throat, the V-neck design allows for comfortable breathability. Equally important in a comfortable design, the uniform quilted pattern offers a cohesive look.

Looking for some inspiration on how to style your Fighter Tunic? Here are a few ideas:

  • Pair it with armor and a sword for a classic warrior look.
  • Add a cloak and boots for a rugged ranger appearance.
  • Wear it under a robe to channel the arcane as a wizard or sorcerer.
  • Accessorize with belts, pouches, and daggers to embody the rogue lifestyle.

Ready to finally bring your character to life? Check out the complete Dungeons & Dragons Fighter Outfit #OUTFIT-M149.

Key Features:

  • Color Options: Choose between two contrasting color options to make your Fighter stand out from the crowd.
  • Different Sizes for a Perfect Fit: Also available in seven sizes, accommodating body shapes for comfort and ease of motion.
  • High Mobility Design: Features a unique non-restrictive fit for combat encounters and cosplay portrayals.
  • Unique Aesthetic: Adopt a versatile and eye-catching look for your individual style.
  • Removable Short Sleeves: Add or remove the short sleeves to the tunic based on your ideal fit.
  • For Every Historical Occasion: Embark on thrilling quests in LARPing events, themed parties, or any gathering of D&D enthusiasts.


Made of 100% Cotton.

Care Instructions:

  • Handwashing this item is recommended. Do not dry in the dryer. Do not bleach. Item may be ironed on a low setting.
This size chart is based on suggested body size, not the measurements of the actual garment.
Chest CircumferenceWaist CircumferenceOverall Length
X-Small33.5 inches30-31 inches43.5 inches
Small37 inches31.5-32.5 inches43.5 inches
Medium41 inches35.5-36.25 inches44 inches
Large45 inches37-38.5 inches44.5 inches
X-Large49 inches42.5-43.25 inches44.5 inches
XX-Large53 inches47.25-48 inches45 inches
XXX-Large57 inches51-52 inches45 inches


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