Dragonscale Archers Arm Guard


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When it comes to keeping your arm safe, dragon scale is often considered to be some of the best protection you can get. This Dragonscale Archers Arm Guard echoes the look of authentic scale armor, in comfortable leather that is light enough for any archer. This impressive bracer is crafted entirely in 7/8 oz. leather, which makes it both supple and strong, while also featuring a rather distinctive design pattern that makes it quite unique to look at. The bracer is layered in leather, featuring cut-out scales all along its length, which replicates the scaled pattern that you might find on a dragon. And of course, the scales are oriented so that when you fire your bow, the string slides right over the scales, without getting caught or hampering your draw. This bracer is available in a few different colors, allowing you to stylize your look a little bit, to create your ideal archer costume. The sides of the bracer feature speed lacers in either brass or steel hardware, which ensure that the bracer can be put on and secured quickly, with just a simple pull of the (included) laces. Better yet, the speed lacers also ensure a fairly comfortable fit, too! This archers arm guard is made right here in the USA and is totally exclusive to our shop. Please note that as an archers arm guard, it is sold singularly, as one bracer. Want something great and stylized to keep the bow string from grazing your arm with every shot? Try this Dragonscale Archers Arm Guard, and you will not be disappointed, either in its protection or in the look it can confer to your medieval or LARP costume.

Key Features:

  • Features Speed Lacers for a Quick, Great Fit
  • Crafted from Top Quality 7/8 oz. Leather
  • Provides Great Protection to an Archers Arm
  • Rather Comfortable to Wear
  • Features a Unique Scale Design
  • Perfect for Archers in Competitions, Target Shooting, Practicing, Hunting, and More

Measurements (Bracer Laid Flat):

  • Wrist: 4.5 Inches Across
  • Forearm: 6 Inches Across
  • Length from Top to Bottom: 7 Inches


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