Double-Breasted Steampunk Vest


Emulating the elegant styling of 19th century gentlemans fashion, the Double-Breasted Steampunk Vest radiates Victorian appeal with its double-breasted design, making it the perfect way to complete your steampunk look. To achieve this timeless appearance, this waistcoat features a high collar and two columns of gleaming buttons which run from collar to waist. Its sleeveless design ensures a breathable and comfortable wear, while also displaying your shirt for others to appreciate the complexity of your outfit. This slate colored mens steampunk waistcoat is made from a polyester viscose blend and features a twill fabric lining. The Double-Breasted Steampunk Vest is an eye-catching addition to your collection of steampunk attire.

Key Features:

  • Made from a polyester viscose blend
  • Double-breasted design
  • Lining is made from twill fabric
  • High collar design
  • Exceptional for completing a steampunk look

Chest Waist Overall Length
Small 34-36 inches 36 inches 21.25 inches
Medium 38-40 inches 40 inches 21.5 inches
Large 42-44 inches 44 inches 21.5 inches
X-Large 46-48 inches 46.5 inches 21.5 inches


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