CSA Non-Commission Officer Sword


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Swords are an age-old symbol of war, and even in ages past, leaders carried them, as much as weapons as symbols of status, office, and rank. This CSA Non-Commission Officer Sword is based on the swords that Confederate officers would have carried. Based loosely on a combination of the saber and the smallsword, this weapon features an ornate brass hilt with a D-guard, which, should the wielder have gotten into combat, likely would have offered a good form of defense. One look at this blade and it is easily seen to be decorative, with its stainless steel length possessing a straight edge and an etched pattern down approximately one-half of the blade. This makes the sword a ceremonial badge of office, as well as a finely detailed display piece that any officer would have been proud to own. Included with the sword is a cast-metal scabbard, complete with a hanging ring, so that it can be worn with any Civil War belt or sword rig. The ornate look also makes this CSA Non-Commission Officer Sword a fine display piece for modern-day collectors and war-time enthusiasts as well, allowing them to bring a piece of military history into their decor, as well as into their possible Confederate costumes.

Key Features:

  • Completely decorative
  • A Recreation of a CSA NCO Dress Sword
  • Resembles a Cross Between a Saber and a Smallsword
  • Blade is Made from Stainless Steel
  • Features a Fine Etching Down Half the Blades Length
  • Cast Brass Metal Hilt Features A D-Ring Guard
  • Includes a Cast-Metal Scabbard with Hanging Ring
  • A Great Collectible and Display Item


  • Overall Length: 37 Inches


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