Celtic Tree Triple Goddess Statue


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Threefold in her forms, the Triple Goddess is here shown as the Mother, Maiden, and Crone standing around a mighty tree. The Celtic Tree Triple Goddess Statue is a magnificent display piece for those who appreciate its symbolism. Made of high quality cold cast bronze, this hand painted statue has an antiqued look with certain elements highlighted with hand painting techniques. The maiden stands over a patch of flowers, a bird alighting in her hands. The mother appears with child, wearing a pink gown with a bundle of wheat and two apples at her feet. The crone stands over a triskel-decorated cauldron, an owl perched in one hand as she holds a staff in the other. Above them, the leaves of the tree mimic their stages in life as Celtic knotwork-decorated phases of the moon appear overhead. All standing on a round, sturdy base, the elements of this Wiccan statue are in unique beauty and harmony, ensuring this statue will have a place amongst Celtic collections and Pagan themed displays.

Key Features:

  • Depicts the Mother, Maiden, and Crone of the Triple Goddess
  • Women stand in front of a tree surrounded by symbolic items
  • Statue features sturdy round base with Celtic knotwork
  • Beautifully hand painted to reveal key details
  • Great gift or statement decoration for the home


  • Made of cold cast bronze


  • Height: 10.66 Inches


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