Wiccan Statues

For classic witchy style, there is only one place to look. We have a stunning selection of Wiccan statues and figurines that will serve well the dedicated practitioner and the casual enthusiast both when it comes to bringing that intriguing touch of the spiritual and the occult to their home decor. The home accents in this section range from intriguing little diagrams delving into palmistry, phrenology, and reflexology to classic displays of iconic symbols that, in one way or another, represent Wicca, witchcraft, magic, and the occult at its best. Iconic statues of fun little witches as they go about their day are common fare here, bringing vivid color, awesome detail, and a bit of light-hearted fun to the typical witch design, just as elegant witch statues and sorceress statues are all common enough statues to find in this section, too. Some of the statues even depict adorable black cats, and many feature the classic pentagram, which is a symbol of elemental and spiritual power. This category is also populated with Triple Goddess and Hecate statues. Many of the statues are made from high quality resins and feature hand painted finishes which bring beautiful color and fine detail to each particular piece, ensuring that whether you go for fun or serious, instructive or whimsical, you will find a fine figurine or stunning statue, no matter what.


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