Caribbean Pirate Captain Wig


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Pirates who sailed the seas found exotic styles while doing so, and many emulated those styles in their personal fashion. This Caribbean Pirate Captain Wig is a handy accent for any guy to have when he plans on creating an exotic pirate ensemble. And that goes doubly true if he does not have the time to grow his hair out! This wig is a combination of head bandana and wig. The top consists of a brown suede bandana that is worn like a cap. Hanging out all around the sides is brown synthetic hair. Bound into the hair are beads and long braids that lend the wig an exotic Caribbean flair. This Caribbean Pirate Captain Wig is a great way to add a variation to any pirate look, while also adding in that touch of exotic style that pirates were sometimes so well known for.

Key Features:

  • A combination pirate bandana and wig
  • Worn atop the head like a cap
  • Adorned with synthetic brown hair with braids and beaded accents
  • A perfect accent for any pirate to own and wear
  • A great way to add variation and exotic flavor to any pirate costume


  • Bandana made from faux suede
  • Made from synthetic hair


  • One size fits most


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