Brown Bokken Sword


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Bokken have been used for years in martial arts. They are highly efficient for training, given the ease of which a bokken can be replaced. The Brown Bokken Sword is simple and sturdy, the exact sort of instrument that is ideal for light practice. Bokken is a Japanese term applying to any wooden sword of Japanese origin. Bokken actually means wood sword (boku means wood, ken means sword). This bokken is relatively nothing special. Simple in construction but reliable for that same reason, this sturdy piece is designed for use, designed to be put through the paces in practice. The grip is wrapped in tan-brown cloth, and the guard is constructed properly to mimic an actual tsuba from a real katana. The blade is left undecorated, because this is a light practice item. Simple, strong, and efficient, the Brown Bokken Sword gets the job done when a wooden practice sword is needed for light training.

Key Features:

  • Simple, yet Sturdy Construction
  • Great for Light Training
  • Modeled on a Katana


  • Overall Height: 40 Inches


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