Bronzed Seraph with Sword Statue


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High ranking members in the angelic hierarchy of both Christianity and Judaism, Seraphs are described as six-winged celestial bodies. The Bronzed Seraph with Sword Statue exemplifies this description in a stunningly detailed design. The Seraph is shown standing tall and strong, with his cloak and hair being swept by a breeze. Each of his six wings are fully extended at his sides, displaying their ornate feathery appearances. A gleaming great sword is being held in his hands, with the tip of the blade resting beside a snake which is coiled around his leg. This statue is splendidly crafted from cold cast bronze, which allows for exceptional detail and features a bronze-like finish with eye-catching pink accents. Decorate your home with an eye-catching representation of your beliefs, with the Bronzed Seraph with Sword Statue.

Key Features:

  • Superbly detailed design
  • Depicts a Seraph with a sword
  • Makes for a stunning decoration
  • A spectacular gift idea for pious individuals


  • Made from Cold Cast Bronze


  • Height: 11 Inches


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