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Angels are most often considered the divine emissaries of good in the world. They are frequently depicted as being sent by a higher power in order to spread a good, holy, or just cause in the world. They also typically are representative of a concept or principle in the world. Examples of those angels who represent positive and lasting principles are Tabbris the Angel of Self Determination, Rampel the Angel of Endurance, and Balthial the Angel of Forgiveness. Each of these angels represents something that is good in the world something that the world could use more of. Because angels can stand for such singular yet broad concepts, they can mean almost anything to anyone. Forgiveness does not mean the same thing to each individual person, just as the concepts of Endurance, Truth, and Faith do not always mean the same thing to others as they do to one specific person. That is what makes our selection of angels so great. We offer a wide variety of angel interpretations and styles throughout our angel statues and collectibles category, ranging from reverent angels and specific religious angels to fantasy angels and angel maidens. Because an angel can mean something different in different situations and to different persons, that makes them a fantastic gift. Give our angel statues and collectibles as gifts to friends and family to remind them of their positive qualities or keep them as personal reminders of qualities that should be sought and practiced.


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