Blackened Steel Chainmail Chausses – 10mm Round Rings


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Step into a realm of strength and durability with the Blackened Steel Chainmail Chausses in 10mm Round Rings, an addition to any medieval or reenactment ensemble. Crafted with the warrior in mind, this piece of armor brings together time-honored techniques and modern craftsmanship in a display of majesty and resilience.

At the heart of the chausses lies the assembly of 10 mm round rings, expertly woven in the traditional 4-in-1 pattern, which is four rings woven through one ring. This classic configuration not only attests to the historical authenticity of the piece but also ensures its strength and flexibility.

It allows for unhindered movement on the battlefield or in the midst of a bustling medieval fair. Each ring, fashioned from 16-gauge mild steel, is butted securely to withstand the trials of combat and the wear of time.

Designed for the Warrior

Beyond its robust construction, the Blackened Steel Chainmail Chausses are designed with the wearers utmost convenience in mind. Loops at the top allow the chausses to secure onto a ring belt or buckle belt, ensuring a perfect fit that stays in place through rigorous activities.

Additionally, the thoughtful design covers the tops of the feet, offering enhanced protection in combat situations. The top edges subtly angle down towards the inner thigh, providing a comfortable fit that complements the natural lines of the body.

The chausses stand out with their striking black finish, a feature that not only enhances their aesthetic appeal but also offers additional resistance to rust and corrosion. This unique finish lends an air of mystery and power, making the wearer standout on the field of honor or during opulent medieval gatherings.

Understanding the need for a great fit, the Blackened Steel Chainmail Chausses come in two sizes, accommodating various warriors. This sizing helps to ensure comfort without sacrificing the authenticity or protection.

Join the Ranks of Valor

With the Blackened Steel Chainmail Chausses, you are not just wearing a piece of history; you are carrying on the legacy of the warriors who came before. Perfect for reenactments, LARP events, and cosplay, these chausses invite you to immerse yourself in the valor and chivalry of the medieval era. Step into your next adventure with confidence, protected by the quality and enduring spirit of the Blackened Steel Chainmail Chausses.

Key Features:

  • Flexibility and Movement: The traditional 4-in-1 chainmail pattern allows for flexibility and easy movement, ideal for combat scenarios or navigating through a crowded fair.
  • Ease of Wear: Equipped with loops at the top for attaching to a belt, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit during even the most rigorous activities.
  • Foot Protection: Specially designed to cover the tops of the feet, providing added protection without sacrificing mobility.
  • Unique Finish: The striking blackened finish not only adds to the aesthetic appeal but also offers resistance to rust and corrosion, enhancing the longevity of the chausses.
  • Sizing Options: Available in two sizes, catering to a wide range of body types while maintaining comfort and authenticity.
  • Versatility: Suited for a variety of activities, from reenactments and LARP events to cosplay or as a distinctive addition to any historical armor collection.


  • Made from 16-gauge mild steel

Care Instructions:

Max ThighRing Diameter
Medium/Large23.6 inches10 millimeters
X-Large/XX-Large29.5 inches10 millimeters


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