Wedge Riveted Chainmail Chausses – 9mm Flat Rings


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Unlock the door to a realm where valor and steel decide ones fate with the Wedge Riveted Chainmail Chausses in 9mm Flat Rings, crafted for the modern-day warrior or fantasy enthusiast. They represent a bridge to the past, an accessory for storytelling, and an ally in your theatrical and LARP adventures.

Constructed from 9 mm flat rings, each interwoven in a classic 4-in-1 pattern, this armor embodies the essence of historical accuracy and enduring resilience. The 4-in-1 pattern consists of four rings woven through one ring. The mild steel chainmail rings, both wedge riveted and solid, are not just a statement of style but also a testament to strength. Each chausses is a result of hours of dedication and skill, ensuring you receive a product that not only looks authentic but can stand the test of time and battle.

Designed for Versatility

Understanding the dynamic needs of LARPers and cosplayers, these chausses come equipped with loops at the top, allowing for securing onto your choice of a ring belt or buckle belt. This feature ensures you stay comfortable and your armor stays in place, whether you are charging into battle or traversing the market at a Renaissance faire. Furthermore, the design thoughtfully covers the tops of the feet and angles down towards the inner thigh, offering comprehensive protection without sacrificing mobility.

Whether you are embodying a noble knight, a daring mercenary, or a character of your own invention, these chausses are designed to complement a wide array of personas. Their authentic appearance and practical functionality make them suitable for a range of events, from high-intensity LARPing sessions to detailed cosplays and beyond. Available in two sizes, this armor caters to warriors of various statures.

Constructed from 17-gauge mild steel, the Wedge Riveted Chainmail Chausses do not just offer defense; they invite you to immerse yourself in the narrative that you are creating. Each ring speaks of battles yet fought, allies yet met, and tales yet told.

Your Epoch Awaits

For those who venture into the heart of LARPing or cosplay, looking the part is as crucial as playing the part. With the Wedge Riveted Chainmail Chausses in 9mm Flat Rings, you are not just preparing for your next event; you are stepping into the armor of your character, ready to forge your path in the annals of history. Unleash your potential and embody the spirit of adventure with armor that is as resilient and bold as your spirit. Join the ranks of heroes and make your mark on the world.

Key Features:

  • Historical Authenticity: Each chausses is crafted to reflect the design of medieval armor, utilizing the traditional 4-in-1 chainmail pattern for an authentic look.
  • Robust Construction: Made with 17-gauge mild steel and featuring wedge riveted as well as solid rings, these chausses are built for durability and resilience in the face of rigorous use.
  • Versatile Design: Equipped with adjustable loops for easy attachment to various belts, ensuring a snug fit that enhances mobility and comfort during long periods of wear.
  • Comprehensive Protection: Thoughtfully extends over the top of the feet and down towards the inner thigh, offering vital coverage for the legs while maintaining flexibility.
  • Sizing Options Available: Comes in two sizes to accommodate a broad range of body types, ensuring that many warriors find their perfect fit.
  • Ready for Adventure: Whether for LARP or cosplay, these chausses are designed to withstand the demands of active participation and elevate your portrayal.


  • Made from 17-gauge mild steel

Care Instructions:

Max ThighRing Diameter
Medium/Large23.6 inches9 millimeters
X-Large/XX-Large29.5 inches9 millimeters


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