Black Plumed Trojan Helm


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Ancient Greek armor really does not get any more iconic than a Corinthian helmet with a long plume. This Black Plumed Trojan Helm is a sleek way to recreate the look of a mighty Greek Warrior in your decor or period themed costume. Blunt cheek plates hang from the sides of this helm, with a nose guard to add an authentic look. Mounted into the top of the helm is a black plume, which features a tail trailing off of the end in the back. A shining finish on this helmet will make it a stunning piece in your display. This Black Plumed Trojan Helmet is also a wonderful costume piece, creating a realistic look that will have onlookers thinking you are among the greatest warriors in history.

Key Features:

  • Features a shining black finish
  • Black plume in the top adds a touch of flair
  • Modeled after the armor of Trojan warriors
  • Displays cheek plates and nose guards
  • Intended for display or costume use only


  • Crafted by hand from 16 gauge steel

Head Circumference Overall Height
One Size 27 inches 14 inches


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