Asta Blue Viking Dress


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Viking women are among the most respected ladies in history, having more influence than most other cultures. Spending their days tending to their homes, these mighty women worked in comfort when they wore the Asta Blue Viking Dress! The lightweight cotton twill fabric of this Viking dress hosts a timeless shade of blue. It is further accentuated by the blue-gray hue of the attached placard, which is not removable. Norse inspired trim borders the center and outside of the placard for a traditional look that will accentuate every Viking maiden! Two hand-carved wooden buttons sit at the top corners of the placard. Keeping the dress seated where it needs to be is easy with the leather cord belt that comes included with this incredible period garment. No matter the medieval or Norse event, the Asta Blue Viking Dress is sure to provide you with a comfortable garment that transcends time!

Please note that the Asta Triangle Head Scarf (101675) is available separately.

Key Features:

  • Period accurate look for Norse women
  • Placard accented with Norse trim and hand-carved buttons
  • Adjustable fit with lacing in the back and a cord belt
  • Fitted with buttons at the wrist and neck
  • Ideal for SCA events, Renaissance fairs, and other occasions


  • Crafted from 100 percent Cotton Twill Fabric
  • Belt made from Leather Cord
  • Buttons Carved from Wood

Bust Waist Hips Overall Length Sleeve Length Shoulder to Shoulder
Small 32-34 inches 24-26 inches 34-36 inches 54.5 inches 23.25 inches 13.75 inches
Medium 34-36 inches 26-28 inches 36-40 inches 55.25 inches 23.5 inches 15 inches
Large 36-40 inches 28-32 inches 40-44 inches 55.25 inches 23.75 inches 16.25 inches
X-Large 40-44 inches 32-36 inches 44-48 inches 56.75 inches 25 inches 16.25 inches


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