Alaric Chainmail Hauberk


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When it came to comprehensive protection in battle, knights often relied on chainmail to help withstand an enemys blows. The Alaric Chainmail Hauberk provides coverage from torso to thigh as well as the entire length of the arms. Made of mild steel, each butted ring of its construction is interlocked with four others, creating a 4-in-1 design. The armpits have been reinforced with riveted rings to help withstand the stress of movement. Wear the Alaric Chainmail Hauberk with a gambeson underneath for an authentic and comfortable look during your next LARP or medieval reenactment event. Due to this items handcrafted nature, there may be slight variations to its appearance.

Key Features:

  • Long sleeve hauberk style
  • Covers body down to thighs
  • Interlocked, 4-in-1 butted ring construction
  • Armpits reinforced with riveted rings
  • Great for medieval reenactment and LARP


  • Made of 16 gauge mild steel
  • Made with 9mm rings

Chest CircumferenceOverall LengthSleeve LengthRing Internal Diameter
Small29 inches38.5 inches10 inches9 millimeters
Medium44.5 inches40.25 inches10.5 inches9 millimeters
Large50 inches41 inches18 inches9 millimeters
X-Large52 inches47 inches17 inches9 millimeters
XX-Large71 inches47.2 inches27.6 inches9 millimeters
XXX-Large78.7 inches49.6 inches27.6 inches9 millimeters


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