5 Panel 22 String Heather Harp


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Enjoy listening to harp music or wish you could play a harp? Make sure that you check out the 5 Panel 22 String Heather Harp. Handmade from solid sheesham wood, this lightweight harp has 22 DuPont nylon strings that cover three octaves from C3 to C6. It has Chelby levers for sharpening notes. The levers engage the strings from the side. This helps to limit the possibility of strings lifting off of the bridge pins. Some of the levers have red or blue caps that allow for easy location of the C- and F-strings, respectively. The strings feature matching coloring.

Next, the harp has a curved S-shaped pillar. The sides of the soundboard angle outward towards the bottom. The back of the soundboard features five sheesham panels. Finally, this harp comes with a tuning tool and an extra string set. This instrument is great for playing a wide variety of music, especially medieval and Renaissance music.

Please note that this comes de-tuned.

Please note that this is made with natural materials, color may vary.

Key Features:

  • Has 22 strings covering 3 octaves
  • Features red and blue coloring for C- and F-strings, respectively
  • Levers for sharpening the notes
  • Comes with tuning tool and extra set of strings
  • Five panel back on the soundboard
  • Great for music enthusiasts


  • Made from sheesham wood
  • Strings are DuPont nylon

Care Instructions:

  • When tuning, disengage all levers, tune red strings first, then blue strings, and finish with clear strings. Do not play the harp with missing or broken strings. Replace missing strings promptly. Use a dry, soft cloth for cleaning. Avoid extreme temperatures.


  • Height: 36 Inches
  • Length: 18 Inches
  • Width: 9 Inches
  • Weight: 11 Pounds

Measurements are approximate.


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