17th Century Sleeveless Buff Coat


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Also called a buff jerkin, the historical buff coat was developed from leather jerkins worn by soldiers during the Tudor era. The 17th Century Sleeveless Buff Coat makes a great option for LARP events and historical re-enactments. Made from fine suede, this leather jacket features a high collar and slits in the front and back so as to not impede movement. The Renaissance buff jacket was typically worn by cavalry and officers, such as wealthy harquebusiers. The design makes it a fine alternative to a gambeson under armour, or it can be worn on its own.

This item is made from natural leather. It may have small marks on its surface. Texture may vary from piece to piece. The item is dyed with traditional techniques, so color may vary depending on the original tone of the leather.

Key Features

  • Alternative to a gambeson
  • Sleeveless design features ties along the front
  • Helps prevent chafing of armour
  • Great for LARP and re-enactment use


  • Made from 1/8 inch thick suede leather

Chest Overall Length Shoulder Width
Medium 45.3 inches 35.25 inches 19.5 inches
Large 49.2 inches 35.75 inches 19.9 inches
X-Large 53.1 inches 35.5 inches 21.9 inches


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