15th Century Italian Arm Armour – Polished


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Experience the craftsmanship and historical sophistication of the Polished 15th Century Italian Arm Armour. This pair of arm protections is a testament to the grandeur of medieval Italian design, echoing the valor and chivalry of knights and mercenaries from the late 14th to mid 15th centuries.

Each piece of this armor is handmade from 16-gauge mild steel, ensuring both authenticity and durability. Designed to cover the forearms, elbows, and the lower halves of the upper arms, this arm armor provides comprehensive protection. The addition of rounded side plates guards the inner elbows, a crucial area often overlooked in combat simulations and reenactments.

Mobility Meets Authenticity

What sets this armor apart is its attention to mobility without sacrificing historical authenticity. Overlapping plates at the elbows allow for fluid movement, essential for the high-energy demands of LARPing and historical reenactments.

Secured firmly with sturdy leather straps, this armor remains in place even in the most fervent of battles. Hinged plates wrap around the bottom of the forearms, providing additional protection and flexibility, a feature any wearer will appreciate during extended wear.

Versatile and Aesthetic

Not only does this armor offer practical benefits, but it also boasts an aesthetic appeal that will make any enthusiasts heart skip a beat. Its polished finish and authentic styling make it a striking piece for any costume or collection.

Whether you are storming the battlefield in a historical reenactment, showcasing your finest in a LARPing event, or simply adding to your collection of medieval armaments, the Polished 15th Century Italian Arm Armour is the perfect choice. It combines functionality with historical style, making it a must-have.

Take your reenactment and LARPing experience to the next level with armor that stands out in quality, design, and historical value. Make the Polished 15th Century Italian Arm Armour your next addition and embody the spirit of a true medieval warrior.

Key Features:

  • Handmade Craftsmanship: Each piece is handcrafted from 16-gauge mild steel, offering both authenticity and resilience.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Designed to protect the forearms, elbows, and lower halves of the upper arms, with added side plates for inner elbow protection.
  • Enhanced Mobility: Overlapping plates at the elbows and hinged plates on the forearms ensure fluid movement and flexibility.
  • Secure Fit: Sturdy leather straps keep the armor properly secured, maintaining its position during dynamic movements.
  • Historical Authenticity: crafted to reflect the style and functionality of 15th-century Italian armory, enhancing the historical reenactment experience.
  • Versatility: Ideal for LARPing, historical reenactments, or as an piece in a medieval armament collection.


  • Made from 16-gauge mild steel
  • Straps are leather

Care Instructions:


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