15th Century Gothic Cuirass – Polished


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Presenting the Polished 15th Century Gothic Cuirass: an example of craftsmanship and design, capturing the spirit of an era renowned for its valor and chivalry. Designed for enthusiasts of history, LARPing, and cosplaying, this cuirass is not just armor – it is a ticket back in time, a piece of living history that adorns you with the essence of the 15th century.

From its breastplate to the backplate, every inch of the cuirass speaks volumes of the Gothic eras stylistic achievements. The breastplate showcases an overlapping design where the bottom half of the chest overlaps the top. Conversely, the back plate reveals the top half of the chest overlapping the bottom half, promoting ease of movement and protection in combat scenarios.

Aesthetic Sophistication

The cuirass is not just about protection; it is a statement piece. The curved fluted detailing adds a striking touch of sophistication, while the braid-like rolled edges portray the high caliber of medieval artistry. This detailing is not just decorative; it follows the contours of the body, providing a more fitted and comfortable wear.

Versatility in Wear

Adaptable and accommodating, the cuirass secures easily with straps at the shoulders and sides, ensuring a snug fit for warriors of different sizes. Whether you are portraying a knight in shining armor or a mercenary from days of yore, this cuirass elevates your portrayal with its unparalleled aesthetic and functional design.

The Polished 15th Century Gothic Cuirass stands as a testament to the enduring allure of medieval craftsmanship. Perfect for LARP events, cosplaying, or even as a unique addition to your collection, this cuirass brings the spirit of the past to life. The central ridge and pointed top edges not only add to its aesthetic appeal but also offer enhanced protection—a perfect blend of form and function.

Step into your next adventure with the Polished 15th Century Gothic Cuirass, where history meets artistry, and valor is but a strap away.

Key Features:

  • Overlapping Plate Design: Offers increased durability and protection, with an innovative overlapping technique for superior movement and flexibility.
  • Curved Fluted Detailing: Not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also adds structural strength to the armor.
  • Adjustable Straps: Makes the cuirass adaptable to a wide range of body sizes, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit for different wearers.
  • Historical Accuracy: Designed with a keen eye for historical detail, mirroring the armor styles and techniques of the 15th century Gothic period.
  • Versatility: Ideal for a variety of uses, from LARP and cosplay to historical reenactments and personal collections.


  • Made from mild steel
  • Straps are leather

Care Instructions:


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