Excalibur Swords

The word Excalibur means “cut steel”, is a well known named legend, the story of King Arthur. The “Sword in the Stone” legend is of Arthur drawing the sword out of the rock first appeared in Robert de Boron’s tale called Merlin. The sword that was in the stone was called Excalibur and Merlin the wizard proclaimed, only one shall be able to remove the sword from the stone, and that person would be the next king. Arthur pulled the sword out of the stone and took it to the cathedral to the holy altar. King Arthur and his noble Knight of the Round Table would defend the Truth and Justice. When King Arthur dies he tells Sir Bedivere, Sir Griflet in the Post-Vulgate, to return the sword to the Lake. Another version of the story is that Excalibur broke the first sword in a fight with King Pellinore. Then a new sword from the Lady of the Lake was made and was called the true Excalibur. The legend and myth of the Excalibur Sword will always appeal to both children and adults every in the world. Our Excalibur swords can be used for display or for battle re-enactments, each reproduction is created to the specifications of the original. The dimensions and weight are accurate on every piece so you get a medieval weapon that is actually balanced and fun to hold instead of just pretty to look at. Medieval times were sometimes brutal, sometimes romantic, but always a source of intrigue. We invite you to share in the experience of an era past with our collection of Excalibur swords. All our Excalibur Swords are expertly hand-crafted and authentic replicas! You can display them in your office, home or for Medieval Reenactments.


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