Ryumon Swords

Make sure that you stop by and check out the wonderful selection of Ryumon swords that we offer here at Dark Knight Armoury. The master craftsmen at the brand have years of experience when they make these functional, high-quality swords. Whether you want to take them to the battlefield or use them to practice your swords skills, the functional blades are a great option. Each Ryumon blade is a battle-ready samurai sword. The katanas will have a tsuba between their blades and traditionally styled handles. The handles often feature real ray skin, or same, covering them. The tsuba features a different design for each sword. For example, one Ryumon sword has a bamboo design on the tsuba, while another has a dragon design. In contrast, shirasayas do not have tsubas as they have a smooth handle. The swords will usually come with a scabbard, also called a saya.

In addition, some of the weapons will even come with a sword bag, a certificate of authenticity, and a traditional Japanese sword cleaning kit. You are sure to find a sword from Ryumon that interests you. We have an array of their high-quality swords. They provide great value without breaking the bank.


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