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Every now and then, you need a total and utter workhorse, a sword that will not falter in the face of extreme use. And for those moments, nothing beats one of the fine swords that are produced by Darksword Armory. These blades are truly fine weapon, with each and every one being designed to the epitome of what you’d expect out of a ‘battle ready sword’. These swords are made by a team of dedicated blade-smiths who commit themselves to the task at hand. The fruits of their labor are readily apparent for all to see, as each and every sword in this category is hand-hammered and hand-forged from 1060 high carbon steel. Some are flexible and some are stiff (depending on sword function), but all are exceptional. Each and every blade is tough and resistant, making it fully functional in the truest sense of the word. Each blade is also a unique and distinctive piece, as each will bear the marks of its forging, which means that no two swords will be exactly alike, either. Some are based on historical artifacts, originals of which are now located in museums, and others are inspirational and fantasy pieces that draw upon historic and imaginative sources. The resulting mix is a balance between Viking swords, medieval swords, arming swords, longswords, broadswords, claymores, two-handed swords, bastard swords, hand and a half swords, scimitars, sabers, and more. Most of the swords we carry from Darksword Armory are offered either sharpened or unsharpened, according to buyer preference. Sharpened blades excel in the hands of wielders for cutting tasks, while unsharpened blades are the perfect training weapon, either solo or with an experienced partner! So if you’re looking for a hand-crafted sword that not only looks great, but also performs just like a sword should, then you’ve found the mother lode, because all of the blades in this Darksword Armory section fit that description perfectly.


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