Maces are armor fighting weapons that were developed from a steel ball on a wooden handle to an all-steel war club. We carry all sorts of medieval maces: the skull mace, the flanged mace, the German mace, the shafted mace, the spiked mace, and the studded mace. The most common of medieval maces are the pear-shaped mace, six-flanged mace, and the eight-flanged mace.

Level Up Your Costume or Collection 

Medieval maces were commonly hung from the saddles of knights who were on horseback and dressed in armor. A medieval mace was then pulled from the saddle to smash through the shield or armor of an enemy to kill them. We are sure that we have the right medieval mace for you, whether it is for functional or decorative purposes. We also have mace heads made from high-quality cold steel if you prefer going DIY on your mace weapon.

Get Maces and Other Weapons at Dark Knight Armoury

If you are a theater buff or you enjoy dressing up as a medieval knight or any type of weapon-wielding warrior in cosplays, Renaissance fairs, or reenactments, Dark Knight Armoury is the right place for you to get the best weapons to go with your costume. Check out our selection now!


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