Zombie LARP Weapons

When zombies invade your LARP, will you be ready to fight them off? As long as you’re wielding one of our LARP Zombie Weapons you will be! We are now offering a full line of impressive zombie-slaying weapons that will make short work of any zombies you encounter! Whether your tool of choice for zombie defense happens to be as simple as a common tool like a wrench or a sledge hammer, or something a little bit more techno-infused like a vibro sword, you can find it here! Of course, many of these weapons could also wind up in the hands of a zombie, making them doubly effective against any survivors that a zombie might encounter as well. You’ll even find a few zombie limbs and organs here, which double as mobile zombie snacks, as well as effective weapons! And the best part is that as realistic as these zombie LARP weapons look, they’re all perfectly safe for use in LARPS, reenactments, and even by children. So the next time zombies step into your Live Action Role Play, make sure you turn to us to provide you with the Zombie LARP Weapons you need to not only equip that zombie horde, but also battle it like a real band of zombie apocalypse survivors!


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