Knife Sheaths

Sheaths are a great accessory to add to almost any knife; not only do they add protection to the knife in question but they are also fantastic visual accessories in their own right. Its not uncommon, in fact, for a knifes sheath to be just as attractive the knife itself is especially when you consider that more often than not, the knife sheath is the first part of the knife you see. We carry an assortment of knife sheaths, many of which are great for storing all sorts of folding knives. Of course each and every one of our knife sheaths is functional, and each one is also an extremely handsome item as well. They are masterfully stitched around the edges, and serve more than adequately when used to store and secure any folding knife. Several of our knife sheaths are general purpose; so long as the sheath is the appropriate size, your knives will fit. A few of our knife sheaths, though, are rather specific in design and fit only a specific shape. So if you are going to acquire one of our tasteful knife sheaths, make sure you double-check your measurements and your knives to ensure that you get the exact sheath you, and your knives, need.


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