Decorative Fencing Rapiers

The rapier is a classic standard; it was once regarded as the sword of choice not only among gentlemen and nobility, but also became one of the most common swords of the era, achieving nothing short of wide-spread use, both in matters of personal honor and in actual conflicts between enemies. And now, we are happy to offer you a number of decorative fencing rapiers. Each and every one of our decorative fencing rapiers are modeled after the appearance or style of a rapier that was, at one point, accepted and common; some are actually even replicas designed after historical swords. Each of these swords is beautifully crafted; many feature swept guards or cupped guards, which are two of the most common guard styles associated with the rapier. And while many of our decorative fencing rapiers appear to look functional, none of them truly are; these decorative and beautiful rapiers are replications that are designed to convey a sense of prestige and power. They are display items that are not meant to withstand the rigors and stresses of actual combat for any period of time. If you are looking for a rapier that you intend on using in combat or sparring, check our other fencing sections. But if you are looking for a beautiful, period-accurate rapier that will proudly occupy a place on your wall or mantle, then look no further than our decorative fencing rapiers.


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