300: Rise of an Empire

In 300, audiences witnessed the stylized retelling of the Battle at Thermopylae, where a small number of Spartans fended off the much larger Persian army of Xerxes I. This was not the only time Greeks clashed with Persians, though. 300: Rise of an Empire is the next film in the series, which details not only how Xerxes became the god-king, but also shows a stylized view of the naval battles that the Greek waged against the Persian forces. In this film, noteworthy characters like Themistokles, the Athenian general, and Artemisia, the woman who led Xerxes I forces to great effect in the Battle of Salamis are introduced. And here we offer a number of items that allow you to recreate the look of these characters and more. Greek and Spartan armor and clothing lets you transform yourself into a soldier fit to fight the Persians, and stunning weapons modeled after those seen in the film will look fit for battle at your side as well! Fans looking to celebrate this film, before and after its release, are sure to find something that they love here in this section. Even reenactors will love some of the Grecian gear to be had here. So if you are looking for a great Greek sword, some attire to transform yourself into a legendary Spartan hoplite, or just some really cool 300 gear, then you need to take a moment to look here in our 300: Rise of an Empire section.


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