Greek & Roman Necklaces & Pendants

Whether you are dressing up as a decadent Roman citizen, bold gladiator, powerful Greek orator, or disciplined Hellenistic soldier, you can find excellent Greek and Roman accessories for your look here. Our Greek and Roman necklaces and pendants come in a variety of styles, many of them featuring popular motifs and symbols from Greek and Roman mythology and culture, such as owls, serpents, coins, Medusa, and more. Crafted from fine materials like pewter and gold, many of these historical Greek and Roman pendants show off either a polished or antiqued finish to give you options. Other pieces are crafted with beads, enamel, and faux gems for a colorful look. These Roman and Grecian necklaces and pendants make great finishing touches when paired with other pieces of our Greek and Roman jewelry, so be sure to take a moment to browse for accessories for your next toga party!


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