Gargoyle Candleholders

In spite of the myth about gargoyles turning to stone during the day, not all gargoyles fear the light. Some, in fact, favor it, and those are the gargoyles that occupy our collection of gargoyle candleholders. Our gargoyle candleholders all feature a number of different styles of gargoyles, although almost all display a common interest in both light and fire. Our gargoyle candleholders come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Some hardly even look like gargoyles at all, possessing the distinctive features of earthly animals, like wolves and lions, although their somewhat monstrous features and stone colorings are what make them more gargoyle then mundane beast. Others, however, are classic gargoyles at their finest, depicting strange amalgams of animals in a monstrous yet mythic form that is both eye-catching and eerie, especially when the light of a small flame glints off of its features. Our gargoyle candleholders come in various sizes, too, with some being more suited for small tea light candles and others made to accommodate larger candles, like tapered candles or scented candles. They are perfect not only for adding that extra touch of real gothic style to your home, but also for allowing you to add an extra light to your home as well. After all, what hallway, sitting room, or bedroom could not use an extra bit of ambient lighting that only a candle can provide? Our gargoyle candleholders make fantastic home decorations that will certainly awe onlookers, as well as great gifts to present to anyone who is fascinated with such works of surreal gothic art.


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